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'Sue the Police'

Our 'Actions Against the Police' and 'Civil Liberties' teams have successfully fought many cases across the UK. 


Our award-winning solicitors have specialist knowledge in this area and can help you get the answers, compensation and justice you deserve.


We will always push to get the outcome you want; compensation, formal apologies or disciplinary action against the Police.

You do not have to accept poor Police conduct.

Don’t feel intimidated, hopeless or powerless against the Police. If you or a loved one has had their human rights or civil liberties infringed, the Outlaw Prosecution Service can instruct a dedicated member of our team to pursue the police action for you. 


We believe everybody deserves access to justice. Use the best:

When taking on the government, you should access the best solicitors. We specialise in claims for false imprisonment, assault, malicious prosecution, discrimination, mispractice in custody, and the judicial review of decisions taken by public authorities.

We’re proud to offer our free action service:

  1. Contact us / Upload evidence.

  2. Arrange a free consultation to discuss the case with a specialist.

  3. Once accepted, we will action your case at no cost to you (no win no fee). If the case is unsuccessful, we will cover the court costs for you. 




You can bring the following types of  Civil Actions against the Police if you believe that they have infringed on your rights or abused their powers:

False Imprisonment & Unlawful Detention

The Police must have reasonable grounds and legal authority in order to arrest and detain a person. If you have been wrongfully imprisoned, detained or arrested you may be entitled to bring a claim for compensation against the Police or public body.

Discrimination & Equality

Police officers cannot discriminate against members of the public because of their race, sex, religion, disability or sexual orientation. They must carry out their duties in accordance with the Equality Act. If you have been treated differently by a Police officer because of your sex race, religion, disability or sexual orientation you may be entitled to compensation.

Malicious Prosecution

If proceedings have been brought against you wrongfully and with the intention to distress you, a Malicious Prosecution has occurred. If the Police or a prosecutor initiates a claim against you in bad faith, then you may have a claim for Malicious Prosecution. You must be able to show that the case which had been brought against ended in your favour.

Human Rights Breaches

The Human Rights Act 1998 confirms that everyone has the right to be treated with dignity and respect. If you have been subject to inhumane, degrading or humiliating treatment at the hands of a Police officer, you may be entitled to compensation.

Assault & Battery

Depending on the circumstances the Police may have authority to detain and arrest you, but they must carry out these duties without using inappropriate force. If you have been unlawfully assaulted by an officer you may be entitled to compensation.

Criminal Defence

Our team and its partners are the UK’s leading criminal defence lawyers specialising in criminal law, civil liberties and regulatory proceedings. 


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